from THE FREEMASON, 31 JULY 1869

On Friday 10 July, the members of these Lodges united together to celebrate the Festival of St John the Baptist, at Kirkby Overblow, near Harrogate, by the kind invitation of Brother Mark Newsome, Past Master of the St John’s Lodge. The Brethren, accompanied by their Lady Friends, left the Dewsbury Station of the London and North-Western Railway Company at 10.09 am in three First-Class Saloon Carriages. Arriving at Pannal Station of the North-Eastern Railway Company at 12.00 noon. The Ladies were conveyed in Wagonnettes to the residence of Brother Newsome, whilst the Brethren walked over the hills to the same rendezvous. Having refreshed the inner man, the Brethren assembled in the Church of England School Room, put on their masonic costume and marched in procession through the village to the Rectory, and returned to the School Room, where they put off their masonic clothing, and went to enjoy the company of the ladies in the grounds of the Rectory, the Rector, The Rev Mr Toogood, having generously thrown them open on this occasion. At 2.30 pm, the Brethren and Ladies, sat down to a sumptuous Banquet (provided by the hospitality of Brother Newsome) in a spacious marquee erected in a field adjoining the Rectory; about one hundred and fifteen were present including The Revd J J Toogood, The Rev Edmund Snowden, The Revd Mr Coppleton, Mr Hasworth, Mr Brooke and Mr Matthew Todd of Bradford, The Presidential Chair was taken by Brother Benjamin Blakeley, Worshipful Master (No 827), and supported by the following Brethren:-
Brother James France, Worshipful Master (No 208), Thos. Schofield, Worshipful Master (306), The Revd Mr Mayes, Chaplain, (No 380), The Revd Samuel Vaughan, Past Provincial Grand Chaplain (No 208), The Revd W Appleyard, Past Provincial Grand Chaplain (No 827), Chas. Oldroyd, Past Grand Treasurer (No 208), John Booth, Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon (No 258), John Kirk, Past Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works (No 827), R R Nelson, Past Grand Secretary (No 208), Fawcett (No 206), Benjamin Oates, Past Mark Secretary (No 208), Benjamin Armitage, Past Mark Secretary (No 827), Mark Newsome, Past Master (No 827), H J Fearnley, Past Master (No 208), Joe Fox, Senior Warden (No 872), Thos. Chadwick, Junior Warden (No 827), Mark Ward, Inner Guard (No 827), A F E Stiegenwald, Treasurer (No 827), Walter Walker, Pursuivant  (No 827), Abraham Wilson, Past Master (No 827), Richard Hewitt, Past Master (No 827), John Tobley, Past Master (No 827), John Spicking, Past Master (No 208),
Thos. Halliwell, Past Master (No 208), James Hunter, Past Master (No 208), Wm Hemingway, Past Master (No 208), R J Crutchley, JP, Senior Warden (No 208), John Wilson, Junior Deacon (No 208), John Haigh, Inner Guard (No 208), Lee (No 208), Sheard (No 208), Senior (No 208), Crawshaw (No 208), Wilkinson (No 208, Johnson (No 208), Spedding (No 208), Talbot (No 208), Robinson (No 208), Watts (No 208), Rider (No 208), Ratcliffe (No 208), Neville (No 208), Alex. Millar (No 208), W Machell (No 827), Dixon (No 827), J J Brearer (No 827), Thackrach (No 827), Jonathan Todd (No 827) and J M Fearnisides (No 827).

After the cloth was drawn, the following Toasts were proposed: “The Queen” by the Worshipful Master (No 827), “Worship Brother His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales; The Princess of Wales, and the rest of the Royal Family” by the Worshipful Master (No 208); “Our National Defences” by Charles Oldroyd, Past Grand Treasurer; responded to by Captain Watts and Lieutenant Hewitt; “The Visitors”, proposed by the President, and responded to by The Revd Mr Toogood, Brother Schofield, Worshipful Master of the Alfred Lodge, Leeds, and Worshpful Brother John Booth, Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon, “Our Host”, Brother Mark Newsome, was given by the Worshipful Master (No 827) and heartily received by all present. Brother Newsome, in responding, spoke of the pleasure it gave him to so many Brethren and Ladies, and hoped all would enjoy themselves on this occasion. The health of Mrs Newsome and the Ladies was proposed by Brother Captain James France, Worshipful Master (No 208), and responded to by Brother Joe Fox, in a very humorous speech. 

Before closing this report, mention must be made of Mrs Newsome for her indefatigable exertions in attending to the comforts of the Ladies, for whom Tea was provided on the Lawn; also to the kindness of Mrs Toogood, Mrs Schofield and Miss Walker, for inviting the Ladies to their respective residencens to take Tea with them.

After the Toasts had come to an end, and the company retired from the table, and wandered in groups about the grounds and viewed the beautiful scenery of the neighbourhood, until it was time to prepare for taking their departure, when all assembled on the lawn in front of Brother Newsome’s residence, and Brother The Revd W Appleyard proposed, and Brother The Revd Samuel Vaughan seconded, a Vote of Thanks to Brother and Mrs Newsome, for the kindness and hospitality shown this day, Brother Newsome replied and said he was extremely glad that all had enjoyed themselves, and was happy to have had the pleasure of receiving such a goodly number, for, if it gave as much pleasure to those assembled before him, as  it gave to him, he was satisfied. A Vote of Thanks was also given to The Revd Mr Toogood, for his kindness in allowing them the use of his grounds; three hearty cheers, such as Englishmen an Masons can give, and the company departed, having enjoyed yet another red-letter day, and wended their way to the station, arriving at Dewsbury at 10.15 pm.